Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Running for Clean Water

I just ran another 9 miles today for my marathon training. I sometimes really enjoy running by myself. The other day I was weak and needed our training group to encourage me and get me through but today was an 'all the stars were properly aligned' run and I felt great! Sunshine, cool breeze, I was singing out loud to great tunes, I sped up my last mile and felt like I could run more. Now, talk to me after my 20 miler next week but I'm going to revel in this feeling for a while. I run with a bottle of water in my hand. A cold, clean bottle of refreshing water. I can clearly picture myself walking with a bucket of water on my head for about a 1/4 mile from a well to the nearest village. This was when we visited Tanzania and rejoiced with the women that only had to walk that far to bring clean water to their families. What about all the women that have to walk farther and for disease-ridden water at that? Its the saddest thing. Something as easy as turning on a tap is taken for granted until you are met face to face with a woman with the same dreams for her children as myself. I'm running the Chicago Marathon Oct. 7 with World Vision and supposed to raise money to put in new wells in Kenya. I haven't even begun my fundraising and shame on me. I'm terrible at asking for people to raise money but if we didn't buy 5 bottles of water or 5 cups of coffee this week and gave $10 to this cause it would add up quickly. So, I will be starting up a webpage this week and I will shamelessly ask for donations. I have the privilege of going to Ethiopia in 10 days. I will be visiting a friend and have a chance to meet my daughter for the first time. I hope to run there too. I want to breathe in the African air and let it soak in that at this point in my life I'm capable of running and making a difference. I will cry and laugh and rejoice that God has given my family this blessing to make a difference in a little girl's life. Just one step at a time, just one dollar at a time, one well, one life. The race is 40 days away. Will you support this great cause?

Friday, August 10, 2012


Usually that word conjures up feelings of weakness or giving up. Waving the white flag of surrender can mean,'I can't handle this anymore, I'm done - you win, I lose.' I guess it matters who you are waving the white flag to. I'm currently reading a book called Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren. I know, I started this book a while ago and referenced it before in my blogs but I'm reading it with a friend and soaking up all the goodness. "Prayers of surrender have the power to radically alter the course of our lives" I remember when we first said YES to adoption. It hit me so strongly that I fought it for a few days. But when I let go of what I thought my future would hold I had a great sense of peace. Then it was this fun announcement that we were going to have a little one around again that involved toys, Sesame Street,cute tiny clothing and everyone was excited for us. Then I remember someone at our agency telling us that adoption isn't cute! Well, we are at the 10 month mark of waiting for a court date since we first got matched with our little girl. Her 3rd birthday is on Sunday and I can't lie, it's been difficult to wait. In the third chapter of the same book, I read about being 'Gloriously Ruined'. Its what happens to you when you step out of your comfort zone. When you embrace an uncomfortable act like volunteer in your city's homeless shelter or care for the sick. I guess I've been Gloriously Ruined when we said yes to God's plan. Scott's aunt wrote us after our latest adoption update and it touched me so much. She said,'I'm praying that the Lord will become dearer in such a way that looking back you would be unwilling to give up these difficult experiences if it meant not knowing the Lord in the ways you have learned of Him through them.' What thing in your life are you afraid of embracing, saying yes to, surrendering to? Having even a little faith in a big God is enough to get you through. Who knows what you're missing out on. 2 Corinthians 12:9 - The Lord said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." P.S. Thanks to everyone who asks about our daughter and our case and to those who are praying. We're still waiting on paperwork to be approved on the adoption home front through a new Ethiopian procedure. Great things are happening though, and our daughter will have a birthday party today with cake with my friend who lives there.