Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Michael Bouchard's cold, oil issues and other wonderful things on FB that got me distracted today.

That title just got some first timers to check out my blog. Normally I write about my five year old or adoption or running. But creeping on Facebook sounds way more appealing today. Welcome! 
So you are well aware that if you are on Facebook you are available to the world. Sounds so creepy yet we all stay on this crazy ride. Not sure what I would have done growing up with this device. I know I wouldn't have had an iphone as a teen because I would have had to pay for it myself and since we never owned a VHS machine (or that other one no one had... What was it called again????? Oh ya, Beta) we probably wouldn't have had a computer either. But now as a 44 year old, stay at home mom, I get my kicks out of seeing who I can be connected with in an instant. Besides keeping up with my cousin's daily dog escapades in Scotland and finding out what family member just had surgery I get to find out what complete strangers are up to. It can't be creeping if you comment on a 'friends' page and it pops up in my FB feed for the day. Now, with all this time consuming FB, I have a rule that I have to read the Bible before I sit down and click on FB on my phone in the morning. It's a good rule, however, today something inside me said 'it will just take a second. Wish someone a happy birthday and get off'. Easy! Not this morning. Michael Bouchard's post popped up first. My usual rule to friend someone is that we have to actually meet face to face at some point in my life. Michael and I are tight. He's twenty something, single and we worked together at church a while back. See? Tight. Today Michael is sick. I said a prayer, and then kept reading about his plight over the ever popular hot topic of essential oils. Like Michael, I too am a skeptic. To be honest, I actually want it to be way easier like someone order stuff for me and I'll pay them but that's neither here nor there. When someone has 21 comments on a fun post I like to read up (research if you will) on what everyone has to say. You get your friends who like to joke and say funny embarrassing things about the topic. Then you get your 'I tried that and it worked' helpful posts. Then you get your two essential oil company rivals spout out 'the oils that are best and what they can cure' banter going on. This led me to remember the names of people I have to personally message about oils later and then, if you're lucky, you get that link to a funny blog. Here we go!  That moment I wish I read my Bible first.  The moment that makes me start my day late and then I neglect to read the Bible at all. The moment that makes my five year old exasperated because I'm on my phone when she wakes up.  Oops.  But I did come across a very funny blog.  That doesn't go over well with Zoe.  In this blog a lady is ranting about how germy Doctor's offices are and during cold season when you bring your sick child in for help they are usually back in the said Doctor's office in three days with another sickness they caught by being in there in the first place.  'Well played' she comments.  This made me crack up, sign up for her blogs and buy her book.  Too funny.  Facebook is fascinating.  It finds me creeping in every day to see what 'friends' are up to and find out what everyones weather is like and what our adorable kids are up to.  I dump photos of vacations and funny things Zoe says.  The year 2014 added a new dynamic and now my husband has joined the ranks of facebook.  So now at dinner when I say, 'did you see the video that was posted about.." and he replies yes!.  We have nothing to share.  Well, good thing I have that new book coming in the mail.  It will cheer me up and keep me off FB for a few days.  I hope no one has a baby or gets sick while I'm gone.  Before I forget here's the link to the better blog you should read today. You're welcome. 
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