Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Got energy - part 2

Having a coffee ceremony with popcorn is tradition here. They had special bread/cake prepared for us and Scott, Blaire and I sat on the couch as guests of honor. The brought Zoe down in a traditional white dress and she sat between Blaire and I. The older kids sang songs for us and we all took part in the food. Zoe was as good as gold. Loves the attention that one. I tried not to cry on so many levels. The nannies looked genuinely sad to say goodbye since Zoe has been there almost two years. Also, I was grateful for their care even though I felt like I couldn't get her out of there quick enough. I was sad for the other kids ( especially the ones 6 and older ). What are they thinking? They will miss Zoe but they wait to be adopted and the older ones tend to wait longer. I want to back up two years and sign up for two kids again. Now getting upset that we got persuaded from that effort. Now back to listening to the nannies pray for us as they circle around us and thinking, does Zoe even know what's going on? At some point I think she might want to go back to what she knows as home but watching her today I think she will be well adjusted. A photographer and videographer came to capture the moment and as we say our final goodbyes I walk out the front door with Zoe in my arms. Ducking the hanging clothes in the line I slip through the big, metal from gate. Zoe begins to cry and we think its because of the camera man sticking his camera through the front door of the van. Maybe because she hasn't been through those front gates before and confused as to where she is going. When has she even been in a car. I vote for all of the above and comfort my daughter on my lap. She turns to Scott and grips his hand and shirt. She cries for one minute and then the bumpy ride becomes all too intriguing. The world that flashes by her as we drive is overwhelming I'm sure. Oh Zoe, just wait to see what's waiting for you .....

Got energy?

Hey everyone.  Life in Ethiopia with a toddler can be draining. It doesn't help that I have had a cold for the last 6 days. Luckily Zoe is getting over hers. We have gone through a lot of wipes for our noses and I haven't slept much. Running around, talking a lot and changing lots of diapers is a new routine for me. There's too much to write about from day 1 but it was pretty incredible to hear the judge tell us that Zoe was ours. I think I said thank you and jumped up and rushed out of the room just in case they decided to change their minds.  We made a beeline for the orphanage where they prepared a farewell ceremony. I will continue in a second post.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Our first court date

So excited to be writing this blog from the airport. We flew into D.C. last night. Waiting to board Ethiopian Air. We were very surprised to get our first court date so early. A nice bonus after waiting 16 months since our first court date was postponed. Knowing God's got this has really made these months fly by. I wrote about how we had a busy season with Jacob and Blaire in school sports. Even this past week was busy while volunteering at a daycamp with Blaire and others from our church. Again, surrounding myself with kids. They were a joy. Jacob returned safely from his spring break trip and after shifting gears to pack for Africa we are here!
I will have to write short entries. Got to go!