Saturday, February 14, 2015

What's Valentines Day Should Be Like

February 14 conjures up so much emotion.  If you've been hurt or not on the receiving end of getting a Valentine this day you might pretend it doesn't exist. You might be someone who tends to hold the bar unrealistically high and get disappointed when you don't get jewelry every year or your favorite chocolates and flowers. In high school we used to sell Hershey kisses or carnations for student council and I didn't hold my breath to see if I would get one. Got to say, that growing up my dad wasn't the most romantic guy. He would forget to call when he would be home late and forget birthdays and the words 'I love you' were far from his lips but never far from his heart. But he fell for the cheesy, giant, long winded Valentine cards with red velvet and mushy sayings for my mother every year. He would buy the box of chocolates that are conveniently displayed by the door of Shoppers Drug Mart (the Canadian version of Walgreens and CVS, but way better); the stores that gives no guy any excuse for forgetting this day. I remember the couple of times my dad went all out and brought home Valentines for all his girls too (heck the poor guy had four daughters to contend with) However, my point is, he always acknowledged Valentine's Day. 
I'm sad that married couples and dating couples downplay this opportunity to display a special token of love. February 14 comes at the perfect time of year in my opinion. We just made it through the January Blues (especially in snowy winter states) There's not much coming up until the warmer weather peaks in about April - if we're lucky - and Groundhog Day usually disappoints. So we need a special day in February. Maybe you write a poem, or make a homemade breakfast or go out for a special dinner using a Christmas gift card. No money for a card? Go to the card section at any store with your Valentine and pick out the perfect sentiment, give it to them to read in the aisle and laugh or cry and put it back. Scott and I used to do that for years. It's not necessarily about money or affection but effort. I've made the heart shape cut out toast with eggs for breakfast in bed and planned the surprise date where Scott just has to show up. We've gone to a rodeo, had heart shaped pizza and the stay at home movie night. Just trying to be creative for 25 years. 
Yesterday we celebrated Valentine's Day. Got a babysitter and went to our favorite restaurant and chose a movie we thought we would both like. We arrived home at 10 pm to find a flood in the basement. Switch gears. Lovely night out with my husband but now saving some boxes that were piled up around the furnace and are getting soaked. My precious books got wet and I'm freaking out to save them.  Scott grabs his tools and shuts the water off and pulls apart the broken pipe. We move boxes, mop up the floor and we both count our blessings that it wasn't flooding long enough to creep into our newly finished, carpeted basement. We laugh at how Valentine's Day just became a regular day of hanging out, exchanging loveable words and lustful looks ( at each other of course) and go to bed quite happy with another Valentine's Day surrounded by loved ones. Showing love to friends and neighbors and my kids was all apart of the Valentine spirit. I got up early this morning to make my kids their favorite muffins and present them with cheesy Valentine trinkets (sister love plastic cups and heart rubber duckies). They know this mom shows love by giving gifts. 
I love the example we have of how Gods love endures forever. He's a loving God that proves his love in big and small ways. Sometimes He gives us what we ask for but I like it when He surprises me with more than what I could have thought to ask for. I hope you get a new love for this day we call Valentine's Day. Make it special for others. You are loved and appreciated more than you know. Happy Valentine's Day! 

We love because He first loved us  1 John 4:19. 

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